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12 Vietnam travel tips – All you should know about Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most common representatives of Asia. People are friendly and lovely, but it’s an asian country and there are lots of things you don’t know about this country. Everything in Vietnam might lead to culture shocks for you. And in the worst cases, you have to deal with lots of problems. And you don’t want to ruin your travel because of them, so I create this list about Vietnam travel tips. These tips can save you from bad experiences and awkward situations.

1. Vietnam travel tips – number one: the weather

In general, Vietnam is hot and humid. However, because of its S shape, the weather in Vietnam is divided into 3 different regions. The northern Vietnam has 4 seasons, but only 2 of them are significant. From June to September, it’s hot and humid. You can be sweaty easily even standing in front of a fan. The only solution is AC. From October until February of the next year, the weather is extremely cold and dry. If you visit Vietnam at this time, don’t forget to bring a big coat. And the rest of the year is quite cool. However, the weather is changing because of global warming and we can’t predict exactly everything, so my Vietnam travel tip here is check the weather in Vietnam 1 week before you set off.

halong bay


The next part is the central Vietnam. The weather here is hot and dry almost all year round. And this part is affected easily by extreme climatic phenomena like flood, erosion,… but not all the time. So Vietnam travel tip is check the weather of this place while you are already in Vietnam.

And the last one is southern Vietnam. The weather here is simpler with the sun shining all a year. And it’s only divided into 2 seasons – wet and dry. From December to April is dry season, so this is the ideal time for you to travel to southern Vietnam.

2. Vietnam travel tips number 2 – dealing with Visa

Getting a Visa to any country is a complicated and confusing process, which can beat you down. But don’t worry, gain a Vietnam visa is not a big problem, check out How to get Vietnam visa.

And if you come from countries exempt from Vietnam visa, it’s great. In addition, people from Scandinavia, Southeast Asia and Western Europe get 15 day free from visa. So from Vietnam travel tips, you should check the information about Vietnam visa on the internet or contact Vietnamese embassy in your country for more information.

3. Vietnam travel tips – be careful with Vietnamese currency

It’s funny that you can experience the feeling to become a millionaire. There are lots of 0 number on Vietnamese bank note. It’s rather confusing when you have to differentiate 500.000 Dong with 50.000 Dong. And worse, the 20.000 Dong looks similar to 500.000 Dong.

Moreover, you might want to cry when you are not good at Maths when you have to calculate with big numbers. But it’s essential for you to have local currency in your pocket because vendors in Vietnam don’t accept other currency. In addition, that you should check the rate exchange everyday to make sure you get the good rate is one of essential Vietnam travel tips.

vietnam dong

4. Vietnam travel tips – exchange your money in jewelry shops for great rates

That might sound crazy. But believe me, you will get a better rates if you exchange money at jewelry shops. In Hanoi, you can go to Ha Trung street. And in Ho Chi Minh city is around the central part surrounded Ben Thanh market.

You also get money from ATMs in the country with Visa or Master Card. My Vietnam travel tips doesn’t recommend you to withdraw money with your bank card from your country because the amount of money is limited and they charge very high fee. There also money exchange booths at the airport.

5. Vietnam travel tips – plan your trips carefully

First thing you must remember is that your trip is dedicated to you and helps you relaxed. Therefore, there is no reason for you to rush. Just be smart with time. If you want to travel throughout Vietnam, spend at least one month. If you just want to travel northern and southern Vietnam, 3 weeks are fine.

Your plan is also based on the member of your group. If you travel with children, you must prepare more carefully. And the time will be longer. So Vietnam travel tip is that asking your friends if they have been in Vietnam or contact a prestigious travel agency.

6. Vietnam travel tips – some useful phrases

Vietnamese is a difficult language especially in pronunciation. Although in some cities, the locals can speak English somehow, but most of them can’t understand. Therefore, knowing some simple Vietnamese phrases is great. Moreover, if you can say even very little Vietnamese, locals are still very happy and willing to help you out.

English Vietnamese
Hello Xin chào (sin chow)
Thank you Cảm ơn (gaum uhhn)
I’m sorry Xin lỗi (sin loy)
Excuse me Em ơi (em oi)
The bill please Tính tiền
How much Bao nhiêu (bow yew)
Too expensive Mắc quá (mac wa)
No sugar Không đường (khom duog)


7. Vietnam travel tips – the security

In general, Vietnam is a safe country without terrorism or strike. The common crime is petty theft like snatching people belongings on the street. Therefore, you should take care of your belongings carefully. Don’t use your phone at crowded places or hold your cameras. And don’t show off any expensive items. If you keep it low, you will be safe and can avoid pickpocket

8. Vietnam travel tips – locals are lovely

You might hear that Vietnamese are greedy and always try to take advantage of you. However, this notorious stories only stick with tourist areas. And this is only the business side when people are trying to make their own living.



But if you try to communicate with them, you can see the differences. They are friendly and nice. And they are always ready to help you when you get into troubles. So don’t prejudice, let’s be open and willing to talk .

9. Vietnam travel tips – no tipping culture

In Vietnam there is no tipping culture, so you are not expected to tip waiters even when they give you good services. Therefore, you might not receive good services at some local restaurants. However, according one of my Vietnamese friends, restaurant waiters tend to be easier and happier with foreign clients than Vietnamese.

10. Vietnam travel tips – transportation

Motorbike is the most common transportation in Vietnam. If you want to ride a bike, hire one to explore the city. But you might ne freaked out with the traffic. People in Vietnam ride like one rules applied for them and the traffic, especially in rush hours is crazy.

You also can move around by Grab. It’s an application to book taxi or taxi bike like Uber. However, it only works in large cities. Therefore, taking traditional taxi is great too, but be careful with their scams.

11. Vietnam travel tips – fast wifi

It’s very convenient for you to travel to Vietnam because there is wifi almost everywhere. You can get wifi from restaurants, coffee shops, stores, supermarkets,… And the connection is quite fast except sometimes when the sharps damage the cables according to the government.

If you want to stay connected all the time, buy a local SIM. There are lots of different packages with various prices. You can get a SIM card anywhere in the city or at the airport. A 20$ SIM with more than 2GB for one month in Vietnam is perfectly enough.

12. Vietnam travel tips – don’t forget to try Vietnamese food

Knowing a country through its cuisine is the greatest way. And you don’t want to miss Vietnamese cuisine. From the North to the South, the cuisine is modified in a very local way. Check my article 11 must-try street food in Hanoi now!

bun cha


But where you can taste the original dishes? The answer is ask a local. Don’t hesitate to make friends with some locals, they are always glad to tell you where you should eat. Even they are willing to become your free tour guide.

Overall, all Vietnam travel tips above are not all things about Vietnam. You never understand the whole country even you were born here. However, I hope my Vietnam travel tips can help you get good experiences and enjoy your trip more. And don’t forget to share with me your great experiences by leaving comments.

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