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Quy Nhon has a 400-year-long history, influenced by the 11th century Champa and the Tay Son dynasty. It has the tranquil wilderness, hills and mountains, saltwater marshes, 42km long coastline with the beautiful peninsula. Quy Nhon is developing into a tourist center of the Central region. Although it is not busy like Nha Trang and Hoi An, Quy Nhon tours still has its own attraction to visitors. British Guardian chose Quy Nhon in the top 10 destinations for winter vacation in 2017. Quy Nhon has many beautiful beaches. Located in the heart of the city is a crescent-like seafront road stretching nearly 5 km from Tan Cape to Ghenh Rang. In addition, Hoang Hau beach is also known as egg stone beach, which attracts tourists. In the past, when coming to Quy Nhon city, Nam Phuong Queen chose Ghenh Rang to relax. Besides, tourists can also choose Bai Xep to relax. It has the pristine beach and natural rocks emerging from the sandy beaches at low tide. Enjoy grilled seafood dishes and a few bottles of cold beer will bring an interesting feeling when you take Quy Nhon tours.
280 km²
487 K

Explore Our Quy Nhon Tour

Explore Our Quy Nhon Tour

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