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Hanoi-The paradise of the long-standing Street Food


Hanoi – The origin of Vietnamese Food

Hanoi is the renowned thousands-years-old Capital City in Vietnam. Most of the people know about Hanoi via remarkable history through the fights against invaders. However, it is also the destination of food lovers from all over the world. Hanoi people are generally famous for being demanding, rigorous in eating style, so it is understandable when Hanoi gastronomy is popular not only in Vietnam but also throughout the world. This is also the reason why Hanoi is the favorite spot of foodies.


Since the early days of the Thang Long (Hanoi), the traits of cuisine soon appeared with the development of the Citadel. The most bustling trading activities are incontrovertibly the Old Quarter. Nowadays, it is the Center of Tourism. The popularity of signature dishes has aroused the locals to name them after the street such as Hang Bun ( Noodles Quarter), Hang Chuoi (Banana Quarter), Hang Phen ( Molasses Quarter) and so forth. Besides, the natives soon integrated catering business into their daily lives.


Since the invasion of French colonialism in the 19th century, the lifestyle and cuisine of Hanoi have been significantly enriched by the Occidental culture. The combination of the two different cultures have brought the unique 

The most well-known specialties in Hanoi

There are a plethora of renowned dishes in Hanoi, some of them even outperform the colossal fast-food merchants in the world like McDonald or KFC. This is the reason why it is extremely obstructing to settle up fast-food merchants in Vietnam. Below is the bucket list of any food fanatic when traveling in Hanoi.



Amongst the specialties that you need to try when arriving in Hanoi, Pho is at the top of the list. Nobody knows the origin of Pho, some people say that Pho is the evolution of “Pot au feu”, a kind of French soup. The natives mixed the Chinese noodle soup and French soup to create a pure Vietnamese dish.


Bun Cha

After Pho, Bun Cha’s reputation soon spread rapidly since the visit of US President Barrack Obama and influential cook Anthony Bourdain. The praise that Mr.President and Chef Anthony for Bun Cha has aroused the eager foodie in the world to taste the one the signature dish in Hanoi. Bun Cha stands for the eating lifestyle of Hanoi people as it requires the complicated combination of fresh and cooked ingredients. A portion of Bun Cha includes thin noodles, fresh herbs, grilled pork belly, and dipping sauce. Dipping sauce is the soul of the dish since it decides the taste of Bun Cha and the process of the sauce is extremely intricate. Apart from Pho, make sure that Bun Cha is on your list during the vacation in Hanoi.


Green rice of Hanoi ( Com) originates from Vong Village, one of the oldest Traditional Village in Hanoi that solely produces one kind of product. Unlike any other foods that require complicated cooking process, Com is just a grain of rice, with the delicately sweet flavor, Com stands for the green of the grassland, the essence that mother nature has gifted. 



Nom in English is salad. In Vietnamese culture, it is not just an appetizer, it is one of the most ubiquitous street food in Vietnam. The main ingredients of Nom are papaya and carrot floss, peanut sprinkled mixed with vinegar and sugar. Sometimes the vendor could also add the dried beef and fresh herb to Nom.


Cha Ca La Vong

Cha Ca La Vong, you can also call it by English name Hanoi Grilled Fish. This is not the oldest specialty of Hanoi, but the seared fish on the pan would make you mouth water any time. The cooks will marinate fish with turmeric and other herbs to create the fragrance and golden color. Then they will grill the fish to half-cooked. It is compulsory to serve Cha Ca La Vong on a hot pan with coriander, spring onion, rice noodle, and the sweet-sour dipping sauce.

Cha ruoi

This is one of the most outrageous dishes in the list, it is often called Savoury Worms Cake. The sand-worms are the main ingredient, they are usually fried after being mixed with eggs. The most vexing process of this dish is that you have to witness the worms are wiggling which inherently disgusts anyone. However, sand-worm is one of the most valuable ingredients in Hanoi due to the limited harvest season from September to November.

Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon is the most common breakfast in Hanoi amongst Pho or Bun Cha. It is made with minced pork or prawn, wood ear, wrapped by the liquid ground rice on the hot pot. Once getting cooked, the liquid will gradually solidify. Then the cook will drop the ingredient onto the ground rice and gradually roll it. Banh Cuon is also served with sweet-sour dipping sauce.


Spring roll

Fresh spring roll, deep-fried spring roll are considered as the symbol of Hanoi gastronomy.  Spring roll is a rolled thick rice paper, it consists of wood ear, minced pork, carrot, vermicelli. The ingredient inside spring roll could also vary differently according to the type of spring roll. For instance, if it is fresh spring roll, the ingredients must be accessible when they are raw. The taste of spring roll could vary differently depending on regions. When arriving in Hoi An, you need to try Hoi An Rool to find out the discrepancy.

Hanoi food tour

The enthusiastic tour guide would lead you to prestigious restaurants and eating spots. Sometimes it might be the first place that put the foundation for the reputation of the area. Eventually, the most pressing issue in Vietnam is the hygienic quality of the vendors. When following the guidance of the local guide, you can relieve yourself because they can offer reliable spots regarding food and ambient conditions.

Whenever you have a chance to visit any place in Vietnam, make sure you will not miss any local foods. Join the food tour by Asia Master Tour to depart for the city excursion.


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