July 2018

Vietnam is one of the most common representatives of Asia. People are friendly and lovely, but it’s an asian country and there are lots of things you don’t know about this country. Everything in Vietnam might lead to culture shocks for you. And in the worst cases, you have to deal with lots of problems. And you don’t want to ruin your travel because of them, so I create this list about Vietnam travel tips. These tips can save you

Ho Chi Minh city is a bustling city in Vietnam. This city can be considered the second capital of the country. Coming to Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam, you will be amazed by its diversity of history, art, cuisine, culture, nightlife. It’s an interesting city that always encourages the curiosity of travelers. Today I will show you Ho Chi Minh city things to do so you can have an overview about this city. And if you want more, why don’t

You’ve heard about Halong bay cruise many times but not Mekong delta cruise? This is because Mekong delta cruise isn’t very popular among travelers if you only want to travel throughout Vietnam. A Mekong delta cruise is for those who travel to Cambodia from Vietnam. Therefore, it’s totally different from a Halong bay cruise. You will visit more interesting places where the locals live and purchase. If you are curious about Mekong delta cruise, read this article with me. 1. The

In every conversation about Vietnam, it’s possible that you will hear about Halong bay. It is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and the most attractive site in Vietnam. Therefore, the tourism of Halong bay has developed significantly with a wide range of Halong bay cruise. You will have lots of choice from day cruise to Halong bay cruise 2 nights. Each itinerary has its own attraction. To check Halong bay cruise 1 day click this. To Halong bay

Vietnam is an Asian country with the unique culture that is totally different from western. If you come from other Asian countries, you don’t find it hard to get along with the lifestyle and the culture of Vietnam. However, if you are a western traveler, the whole trip for first time in Vietnam will be strange for you to adapt to Vietnamese culture. In Asian society in general and Vietnamese particular, there are some customs that you have never seen in

Have you ever thought of Fansipan trek 1 day? It’s perfectly fit for those who don’t have much time for long day trekking or don’t want to overnight on the mountains. We haven’t talked much about it, so maybe for you it’s a vague image. Therefore, today we all discuss it on how to go on Fansipan trek 1 day? Or what should you notice with Fansipan trek 1 day? 1. How to go for Fansipan trek 1 day? Self trekking

Cuisine is the expression of culture and local lifestyle. Therefore, if you want to know a region or a country you need to discover its culinary aspect too. In this way, your travel is completed. On the other hand, Hanoi – the place with thousands years of history is the capital of Vietnam. From long time ago, many people from all over the country flocked into Hanoi to reside. They not only brought their family but also their culture and

Almost every traveler is surprised by the dynamic nightlife in Hanoi. This is because most people say that Hanoi is more conservative and quite than Sai Gon. In fact, when I came here for 2 weeks I didn’t find any difference between nightlife in Hanoi and in Sai Gon. You can easily find hundreds of bars, pubs, clubs, lounges,… in Hanoi range from the most basic one with small space to swanky places. At some bars, you have to pay for

After trekking through the mountainous land, why don’t you spend few days in the sea. People say that you Vietnam travel can’t be completed if you don’t go for Halong bay cruise 1 night or 2 nights. And that’s the truth. Last time I finished my Vietnam trip with Halong bay cruise 1 night and it was excellent experience. 1. Why is Halong bay cruise 1 night? According to opinions of almost foreign traveler, 1 night Halong bay cruise is the great

Sapa trekking is one of the most expected activities when I visit Northern Vietnam. For my first time of trekking, I booked a Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi. It was my unforgettable memories and worth trying. So if you feel curious about my journey, keep reading! 1. Where I found a Sapa trekking tours from Hanoi I started my trip in Hanoi. This city if the capital of Vietnam, so you can find any services here. If you are looking for a

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