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For many years, Halong bay has been one of the most beautiful attractions of Vietnam. There no need to discuss more about this issue. It is because this amazing bay has been shown up on newspapers, social media with various names like the wonder of nature. And whoever comes to Vietnam, all want to visit Halong bay. But, do we really know what to do in Halong bay, how to explore the beauty of this bay. If not, keep reading

Having essential information about your next destination is very important to make sure that you will have a relaxing vacation. It not only helps you to save time but also eliminates all troubles you might get along the way. All you need to know about one place is popular tourist destinations, weather, good hotels and local restaurants. Halong bay is one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam along with Sapa, Hue, Hoi An, etc. While with other destinations, you can

If you haven’t visited Halong bay, you haven’t come to Vietnam. Halong is an iconic destination of Vietnam along with Sapa and Nha Trang. You might see lots of beautiful images on the internet about Vietnam that depict Halong bay. Or you have been in Vietnam and Halong, but you felt like there was nothing to impress you like in the pictures. Let me tell you the reason why. It is because you haven’t seen Halong bay in the right

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You have visited Sapa and fall in love with sparkling rice terraces here. You also feel so amazing with the diversity of ethnic culture in Sapa. Or you had just come back from Nha Trang – the city of beach. You had your skin tanned and your hair smells like the sea. And you wonder where your next destination is. Let me tell you something. If you visit Vietnam, you definitely have to go to Halong Bay. This destination can’t be

Most of tourists start their vacation in Vietnam in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. It means they will travel to other destinations from Hanoi. And one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam is Halong Bay. Halong Bay is one of 7 wonders of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With unreal beauty, Halong Bay attracts lots of tourist every year. If this is your first time in Vietnam, you don’t know how to travel from