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With over 1000 years of culture, from the time of Thang Long citadel, Hanoi has always been the largest cultural center of the country with tangible and intangible cultural relics. This wonderful land has produced folklore with many legends, folk songs and proverbs. Moreover, it has famous heroes, famous people and folk festivals which imbued with history and profound impact on the spirit of the people. Let's join Hanoi Tours to make your trip unforgettable. What makes Hanoi special is different cultures. That makes the culture here so diverse and nowhere in Vietnam has many civilized villages like Hanoi. Villages with Buddhist, folk and French architecture are scattered throughout the city. That makes visitors extremely excited about the cultural values ​​that exist in a busy city like Hanoi. Finally, we hope you will get an amazing trip with our Hanoi Tours.
3.358 km²
8 million

Discover Our Hanoi City Tour

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