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9 Attractive Activities In Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a famous tourist destination of Vietnam. It is located in the west coast of Tonkin Gulf in the Northeastern Vietnam area. With thousands of magnificent islands and miraculous fruits of creation, Halong Bay has been recognized by UNESCO many times as a natural heritage of the world. Halong tourism has the advantage of beautiful scenery which is attractive to domestic and international tourists. Here are some extremely attractive activities in Halong Bay that certain tourists should not miss if they come to this place.

1. Kayaking

If you travel to Halong, it is pity that you did not experience the journey to explore the bay by kayaking. All you need is just sitting on a small kayak boat, rowing the oars on the blue water and watching the natural scenery. That is simple but very interesting.

kayaking in halong bay

Halong Bay was voted National Geographic Adventures magazine as one of the top 25 kayaking tourist destinations in the world. In Halong, there are many places to rent kayaks (at tourist wharves or islands). The rent is about $5-$8/ hour depending on the type of boat 1, 2 or 3 seats.

2. Overnight on the yacht

cruise in halong

Cruises on the bay like a miniature hotel and have their own rooms. It has air-condition, clean blankets and private bathrooms. It’s interesting that you can just relax in your own room and open the window to see the majestic mountains, fishes, jellyfish swimming. Moreover, you can also board the sky to watch the stars and the sea at night. So it is one of must-do activities in Halong Bay.

3. Watching Halong Bay from seaplane

If you have ever experienced enjoying the scenery of Halong Bay on the cruise but did not feel satisfied, you should experience this activity. It is admiring Ha Long Bay from seaplane.

Currently, Hai Au Vietnam is the first private airline to provide seaplane service with high-class sight-seeing services. In details, aircraft has 2 seats for pilots, 12 seats for passengers and spacious windows. That helps passengers enjoy the beautiful view from the plane and record the memorable moments of Ha Long Bay. That view is from altitude from 150m to 3,000m above sea level.

In particular, The New York Times magazine (USA) also voted to viewing Ha Long Bay from seaplanes as one of the most attractive travel services in 2015. Therefore, if you come to this places, you should try one of these Halong Bay activities.

4. Try climbing the mountain

climb mountain in halong

Not only intrigued by charming beauty, Halong Bay with diverse and dangerous terrain is a challenge for tourists who love mountain climbing. If you are a fan of this extreme sport, surely the thorny cliffs, the spectacular gliding corners of the mountains and the cliffs of the cave in Halong Bay will give you a special feeling. It desires to be conquered.

5. Discover beautiful caves

Halong Bay is considered by many tourists as a water-wear picture of nature which was created for a perfect beauty. In addition to “water and stone” as many people say, this place is also famous for beautiful and unique caves. Each cave of Ha Long has an interesting name, suggesting to visitors curiosity to explore. For example, they are Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave, Dau Go Cave, Hanh Cave, …

6. Visit fishing villages on the Bay

fishing village in halong

Far away from the shimmering, lavish electric lights of the city centers, the coastal fishing villages in Halong are peaceful and pure. Therefore, this place is an interesting destination and stop for tourists. The destination for this experience can be Van Chai Halong Cooperative in Vung Vieng fishing village, Cua Van fishing village, Ba Hang fishing village… You can rent a nanotube right at Ha Long tourist pier. That is reason why it is on list of Halong Bay activities.

7. Take a cable car

cable car in halong

On June 25, Halong cable car system was inaugurated and put into operation after 2 years of construction. The project is located in a complex of entertainment projects that worths 6,000 billion VND. It stretches along Bai Chay coast to Ba Deo hill (Hon Gai).

They built the tower on the side of Bai Chay in 188.8 m high. It set the record for the highest tower in the world. The tower on Ba Deo hill is 133 m high. The cable car system has only 2 cabins, such as a giant double-decker bus with a capacity of 230 people / cabin. Inside the large cabin, surrounding is large glass windows to help guests fully view Ha Long Bay from above.

8. Water activities (diving, swimming,…) in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha bay

Lan Ha Bay and surrounding areas are ideal places for you to dive. The underwater scenery with thousands of brilliant coral reefs along with countless fish species: sergeant fish, anemone fish … certainly will not disappoint you. Although it is one of interesting Halong Bay activities, visitors note that this is an activity that takes a lot of energy so consider carefully before joining.

9. Visit the pearl village

pearl village in halong bay

It is said that the islands on Ha Long Bay were created by a mighty dragon which was decorated the sea surface by releasing rare jewels. This legend also mentions mysterious treasures that can be found right in the bay.

A floating fishing village is called a “Pearl Village” – a place where any traveler has a hobby of jewelry shopping or learning about the wonders that nature bestows on should not be missed. That’s all Halong Bay activities you should experience during your stay in Vietnam.

So what do you expect more for a great trip? Please contact us – Asia Master Tours for guidance, advice and get the most preferential price when you, your family and friends are going to enjoy Halong Bay.

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