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Essential tips for best time to visit Halong bay

Halong is always one of the best destinations in Vietnam besides Sapa. In Halong bay, you can enjoy the beauty of a real paradise with crystal clear water, hundreds of small islands rising from the water and so on. It doesn’t exaggerate when saying that Halong is one of the most beautiful bays in the world and in Asia. You can’t only see pictures of Halong on the internet to understand the true beauty of this place. There are many tourists say that they were amazed when seeing Halong bay because this bay look thousands times better than in pictures.
Although Halong won’t change in each season of the year, the feeling you enjoy of this bay and your experiences are different. You might wonder when is the best time to visit Halong bay. The answer is still unknown because 365 days of the year are all the best time to visit Halong bay.

1. What do you need for Halong bay trip?

First of all, you need to know how to pack your things with Halong bay trip. If you want to bring all your luggage, it’s fine. But, if you prefer convenience, here are things you should pack
If you come to Halong in the summer, the first thing you have to remember to bring is the sunscreen. Summer weather in Halong is quite hot with strong sun intensity. Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more will help your skin to be free of sun damage and burn after the return trip. Moreover, summer is also the best time to visit Halong, so don’t make your vacation becomes a disaster because you having been sunburn.
About clothing: You should choose the cool type of clothing such as shorts, short sleeves, skirts, wide-brimmed hat with sunglasses, you can wear sandals and slippers to the beach so that your feet are comfortable. However, don’t wear like that in the winter. You must keep yourself warm and dry in this harsh season of Vietnam.



Other items: If you travel long days, try to prepare yourself items such as shower gel, shampoo, eye drops, towels … depending on the time you go and your needs. Also, if you swim, you should prepare swimwear, swimming goggles, swimming floats or baby float chairs if you have young children to go with. Make your time turn into the best time to visit Halong. You don’t need to depend on the weather and the temperature to enjoy yourself.

2. When is the best time to visit Halong

2.1. Summer: July – August

In summer, the temperature goes up to the highest point in the year – the average of about 30 degrees Celsius with high humidity. As a result, many indigenous visitors seek to escape the heat during this time by sharing their holiday with their families on the East Coast in general and the waters of Halong Bay in particular. Therefore, the peak season of Halong tourism and the best time to visit Halong usually takes place in July, August.
During this time, there are many activities for visitors to experience, including: exploring the limestone caves on the Bo Hon island or enjoy the beauty of Halong scenery from the seaplane. In the glittering sunset, let’s imagine: the luscious beauty of the scene appears right in front of your eyes as it flies across the sky, on the seaplane of the Sea Europe Airlines and finally landing on the face of the water of Halong Bay. With low-altitude flight service, seaplane is the perfect choice for you to immerse yourself in the scenery.
The disadvantage of Halong tourism during this time is the high cost, the services are increasing so it will be difficult for you to find a suitable journey for the whole family at a reasonable cost. In addition, the summer is also the most wet weather with the high risk of storms, which can cause you to cancel the whole trip. Kayak activities are also impeded by the effects of heavy rains and gusty winds, which make the sea floor extremely dangerous. However, this situation seldom occurs, so the time from July to August is still the best time to visit Halong bay.



2.2. November – December

At this time, the weather is quite pleasant, so the demand for sea travel of Vietnamese tourists is not high. With an average temperature of around 19 ° C across the country, November and December are the most popular time for foreign tourists of the year.
During this time, people are still busy with work and study plan, making the Halong become more indigenous visitors. This is a great opportunity for individuals who want to experience a peaceful Halong Bay, no longer crowded. So, for international traveler last months of a year are the best time to visit Halong bay.
With the great number of international visitors , the prices of services in Halong Bay are also not as cheap as the summer ones. In addition, according to habits, indigenous visitors often do not go to places where there are many foreign visitors. Therefore, winter is not a tourist season for the Vietnamese.

2.3. December to January

Bai Tu Long island


The rainy season is over, the air is no longer wet, the risk of storm is no longer, the sun also makes the weather warmer. With a temperature of about 20oC, it is not surprising that so many visitors from the Northern Hemisphere – where cold winter snow and cold temperatures below 0oC to Halong enjoy the warm sunshine of the Sun.
The combination of excellent weather conditions and low number of guests allows you to feel the true charm of Halong Bay. In the romantic space full of enchantment, you can lie on the beach, sun drying. However, at this time, the water temperature is still quite low, you should consider before deciding to participate in any underwater activities. Therefore, this time is the winter in Vietnam, it’s still the best time to visit Halong bay.

Here are three ideal periods of time for you to visit Halong bay. Each time has its own pros and cons. So, you can find the best time for you to explore this famous and beautiful place.


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