About Dong Ba market "Dong Ba" is not the first name of this place. Previously the market was called "Quy Gia Thi". The market name marked the event of returning to Phu Xuan by the Nguyen army. However, in 1885, the capital fell and the market was burned down. Until 1887, King Dong Khanh rebuilt and changed its name to Dong Ba market. Dong Ba Market Hue is located between Truong Tien Bridge and Gia Hoi Bridge. Outside the market looks

Hue is considered as a famous city with long-standing traditional cultural features and ancient, mossy relics. Besides, this beautiful ancient capital is also known as" the cradle of the culinary treasure of culture" that is most abundant and diverse in Vietnam. Tourists come to Hue culinary discovery not only to experience the taste of delicious food but also to experience all the quintessential and culinary style here. Here is a list of special Hue Vietnam restaurants with cultural dishes that

Halong Bay is a famous tourist destination of Vietnam. With thousands of magnificent islands, miraculous fruits of creation, Halong Bay has been recognized by UNESCO many times as a Natural Heritage of the World. Halong tourism has the advantage of beautiful sceneries which are attractive to domestic and international tourists. Are you excited for your upcoming Halong trip? Asia Master Tours would like to send you some notes about things to do in Halong Bay, as well as the latest

Halong Bay attracts lots of tourists due to not only beautiful landscapes but also its diverse cuisine. There are two areas where tourists often choose to eat and drink in Ha Long. Those are Tuan Chau and Bai Chay because of their convenient location and transportation. Besides, Hon Gai area is often a gathering place for local people because the price here is cheaper than those two areas but still delicious and diverse. Therefore, Asia Master Tours has compiled a

Traveling, beside visiting beautiful landscapes, enjoying food is also a pleasure that could be talked about. Many people believe that food is also the culture, enjoying the food is experiencing the culture of the land that you come. Therefore, do not miss out this opportunity when you go somewhere. Hue is the ancient capital. But it is also located in the sunny and windy Central region, with many disadvantages in terms of location and natural conditions. Therefore, the cuisine here has

Although Mai Chau valley does not possess a lot of tourist attractions in comparison to the neighbouring province of Moc Chau, it still attracts a great deal number of tourists thanks to its poetic beautiful landscape, temperate climate, cultural diversity, and unique cuisine.   1.When is the best time to visit Mai Chau valley? As being a valley, Mai Chau owns a relatively pleasant and temperate climate. Particularly, it is not too warm during the summer, and the winter does not feel as

How much you know about Vietnam? If you have ever been there, you may think that you know Vietnam because you experienced Vietnamese lifestyle, traffic, nightlife, street foods,… But all you know is through the lenses of travelers not an insider. Have you ever tried Vietnam travel season? It’s when you visit Vietnam in different season of a year. The weather is different and the landscape changes too. But one thing I love about Vietnam travel season is Vietnamese food.

Cuisine is the expression of culture and local lifestyle. Therefore, if you want to know a region or a country you need to discover its culinary aspect too. In this way, your travel is completed. On the other hand, Hanoi – the place with thousands years of history is the capital of Vietnam. From long time ago, many people from all over the country flocked into Hanoi to reside. They not only brought their family but also their culture and

Cycling in Hanoi is a popular activity, and most trips are to go outskirt. Why don’t you try something new! You don’t want to gain weight or accumulate to much fat while traveling but you are also a food lover. Then, what should you do? Here comes the combination between Hanoi cycling and finding the most famous Hanoi old quarter restaurants. 1. Why are Hanoi cycling and Hanoi old quarter restaurants? Of course for your unique experience. As far as I’m concerned,

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