January 2019

Nha Trang coastal city is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes and friendly people, attracting a lot of domestic and international tourists every year. When coming to Nha Trang, there are lots of interesting things that are waiting for you. You can lie on the beach and enjoy lovely cocktails or you can join in a motor tour to discover the city. There are lots of ideal destinations for Nha Trang city tour that you might not want to miss.

Before travelling to any destination, we all consider various factors that can affect our vacation such as price, weather, etc. It makes sure that you will have a perfect trip that you feel it´s worth pending money and time. While you can prepare your clothes or ask various friends to come with you, you can´t predict the exact weather of any place in the world. Maybe you can follow the weather forecast, but who knows what can happen in the

Only 15km from the coastal city of Nha Trang to the north, Nha Phu Bay is a poetic paradise with blue waves and blue water. In that peace, Hon Lao emerges like a glittering jewel among the vast blue of the sea. A magical scene of nature here is the main thing that lures tourists to Nha Trang. The name of Hon Lao is also known by tourists as Nha Trang tourists called Monkey Island Nha Tramg because it has

Nha Trang is one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam. This city attracts thousands of tourists every year. Some people come here because they are curious with the city of beaches in Vietnam, while some just want to have a relaxing holiday by the beaches. No matter the purposes of visitors are, Nha Trang always welcomes you with all pleasure and hospitality. Since Nha Trang is a popular tourist destination, there are lots of things you can do here. And,

Nha Trang has been famous as a familiar and attractive destination for Vietnamese and international tourists for years because of the beautiful beaches stretching, the attractive fresh seafood or the magnificent Vinpearl Land tourist area. Nha Trang is more familiar with Saigon people because to travel from Ho Chi Minh city to Nha Trang we have several convenient ways. If you depart from Hanoi, you only can travel to Nha Trang by plane or train. It’s because they are the most

Nha Trang – one of the most famous destinations when it comes to Vietnam. This city is also called the city of beaches because you can find the most beautiful and pristine beaches here. Moreover, there are lots of interesting activities that you might want to enjoy here such as scuba diving, kayaking, etc. Thanks to its reputation, you might hear about its name several times from your friends or on some newspapers. You might know its beauty through thousands of

Lunar New Year is just around the corner. Thank you for an incredible year of travel! In 2018, Asia Master Tours helped more trips being far and wide. From exploring the authentic beauty of Vietnam to mingling with the wild elephants in Thailand’s jungles, you’ve experienced the best of amazing destinations around the world. Moreover, we also believe to create many opportunities for travelling will make 2019 even more incredible. So to say thanks for trusting us as your travel partner for last year,

Nha Trang has a monsoon climate, but is also dominated by oceanic climate. Therefore, the climate of Nha Trang is relatively mild, not too harsh as in the North and not too erratic as in the South. Winter in Nha Trang is less cold, summer often lasts but hot sun is not too harsh. Weather in Nha Trang also has two distinct rainy and sunny seasons. In addition, the coastal city of Nha Trang is located in the area less

Have you ever been in Nha Trang to immerse yourself in this poetic space yet? If not, then try to come here at list once because you will have precious experiences in Nha Trang Vietnam beach here. And if you don't have the motivation or think that beaches here are the same as other places in Asia. You really should read this review below. You might enjoy the beaches in Thailand and never forget the beauty of these beaches. But, Nha

Nha Trang bar has inherited the advantage of large space and is located near the sea so it is quite popular with tourists. The best nightclubs in Nha Trang are conveniently arranged along the famous Tran Phu beach, attracting foreign visitors, locals and tourists who like to drink and dance until morning. These bars make the Nha Trang nightlife more interesting and travelers have more options for their holiday at night. After a day of sightseeing, enjoying local specialties, visitors

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