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Kuang Si Waterfall

Welcome to Kuang Si Waterfall

Tourist can take tuk tuk to Kuang Si waterfall from Luang Prabang city center. Tuk tuk for 2 ways is 200,000 kip, visitors should travel in groups to save travel costs because a tuk tuk can carry up to 6 people.Tuk tuk is a very characteristic of Laos, spacious, airy, visitors can enjoy the view of the roadside and not too expensive price.

Kuang Si Waterfall is about 30 km from the center of Luang Prabang. The road is quite winding to run through the hills, so the time to travel from the city to the waterfall takes about 45 – 60 minutes. The entrance fee is 20,000 kip a person.



1. Overview

In Lao language this waterfall is called Tat Kuang Si. Locals always tell a story associated with that name. According to legend, the waterfall was created by a wise old man who gathered water from the Nam Xi River by digging deep into the ground. After the water came, a golden deer came to build a house under a rock protruding from the falls. The name Tat Kuang Si is composed of three words Tat is waterfall, Kuang is deer and Si means digging the land.

Located in primeval forest in the large park, Kuang Si waterfall has many floors. From the parking lot outside the gate, walking through the forest for about 5 minutes we will encounter the first rapids. The water here is very special. This blue is the color of algae that live on the water in Kuang Si. Continuing walking for about 5 minutes you will reach the main waterfall. On the wooden bridge across the challenge, visitors can admire the whole majestic waterfall majestic. From a height of nearly a hundred meters, the cascading waterfall rumble down several steps to the waterfall, creating a large natural pool. From here, the blue water flows through the forest to create more space for tourists. Endangered tourists can reach the top of the falls through the steep slope on the right side of the lake. From here, the whole area of the natural park is totally shown in front of your eyes. For many other travelers, simply pick a stop beside a natural swimming pool next to a forest road is quite ideal. Setting in the clear water as jade, or just sitting on the table made of wood arranged in harmony to enjoy the forest here is enough to be relaxed.

Under the hot climate of the Lao, the Tat Kuang Si waters have become precious and special attractions. Visitors to the Kuang Si Waterfall are not only happy to visit the mountains, but also enjoy the climbing and bathing, bathing … In the fresh air of the Kuang Si ecology, visitors also hear birds singing Along with the sound of waterfall as a beautiful harmony to make the spirit also add to the buoy.




The blue lake Kuang Si is a charming jade. Due to the structure of the stream, each cascade creates a natural swimming pool, the bottom is white mud so visitors easily move and soak from hour to hour without feeling awkward. Visitors can catch a full stream of waterfalls, slipping from one cascade to another, or swimming at the shallows in water tanks created from the flow of waterfalls in the clear and cool.

At the Kuang Si waterfall, there are large tree growing out of the surface of the lake, so just with the addition of a rope tied across the body, visitors who can start the exciting jumping game. Many visitors to the West are very excited to climb the trunk, waiting for their turn “performance” before the cheering of the most familiar unknown. The laughing noise created a friendly atmosphere friendly, breaking the wild stillness of the forest …

2. How to get to Kuang Si waterfall

2.1 Travel by tuk tuk to Kuang Si

The distance to Kuang Si is quite far from the center of Luang Prabang so tuk tuk is always a means of travel chosen by travelers for their journey. This is the most popular means of transportation in the country. Specially with Kuang Si waterfall tour with tuk tuk you can still admire the scenery of Luang Prabang.

A tuk tuk trip from Luang Prabang to Kuang Si will costs between 180,000 and 200,000 Kip. However, you can also go with other tourists. People share the cost will save a lot. Instead of paying 200,000 kip you only lose about 50,000 kip for this amount of travel. This distance is relatively flat so you do not need to worry about the elderly or who are susceptible to car sickness.



2.2 Transfer by boat to Kuang Si

Many tourists choose this form. Tourists can start with a trip along the Mekong River and stop at the last stop – Kuang Si. You can take the BBO1 cruise around the famous scenery of Luang Prabang. And you should move in the afternoon as this is the moment the sun shining the most in the day as well as you can enjoy the panoramic view of the waterfall.

2.3 Ride a bike to Kuang Si

You can also find yourself a motorbike to Kuang Si. The cost rental bike in one day is around $ 20 including petrol. With this form of traveling you will feel the fresh air of Luang Prabang along with the ancient beauty of this ancient capital. The paths are also easy to move.
However, this form is only suitable for tourists who have experienced Laos before. This is because the number of trucks is pretty much, children here are often played in the street so you need to move slowly and carefully. You also have to pay attention to your bike because thefts won’t take an eye off it.



3. Some notes when visiting Kuang Si

  • Kuang Si waterfall flows all year round, but in March in May is the season when there is less water. Maximum water volume is from June to October. Therefore, the second is the best time to visit this fall. You can admire all its beauty.
  • The fee to visit is 20,000 kip. Open from 08:30 until 17:30. You should plan your calendar so you can visit other places too.
  • There is also a changing area and snacks for visitors. However do not throw out the rubbish or you will be fined for it.
  • Some swimming areas are considered sacred and only used for religious and cultural purposes. So if you go there, you only should swim in areas where permitted.
  • Lao culture is different. In spite of the integration, women’s swimsuits in public are still not welcome. You should notice this when you come to Kuang Si and dress politely.

Good to Know

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