Pu Ta Leng Trekking Tour

Price $220 3 Days
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Pu Ta Leng Trekking Tour

$220 per person

Pu Ta Leng trekking tour, within this journey, travelers will have a chance to explore the Vietnamese jungles of a variety of floras with the fungi, moss and lichens colonizing the bases of giant trees and rocks. You will pass through the flowing streams in deep forests, witness the beauty of azaleas with its colorful flower carpets, or conquer the slopes which could make tourists feel exhausted, etc. with full of emotions. This could be the best moment when landing to Pu Ta Leng – one of the peaks of the Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. It’s in Ta Leng Commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province.

Of course, this beautiful place always deserves your endeavour to conquer it. Therefore, this offers you to prepare yourself a good physical and mental foundation before planning to vanquish this peak.

Asia Master Tours organizes many group tours conquering the peak of Bach Moc every week, departing on Thursday night in Hanoi, and backing from Sapa on Sunday night. If you want to go on weekdays, we also set up tailor-made tours for travelers in demand.

Let take part in mingling in the clouds and witness the novel experiences!

In Sapa, Asia Master Tours has rooms having nice view, close to center of the town with suitable price. If you want to rest before or after the climb, please notice us to advise and support you.

  • Destination
  • Included
    High quality sleeper bus from Ha Noi to Sapa (round-trip ticket)
    Tour guide
    High quality food for trekking members
    Water: 1 litre per day
    Shuttle bus from Sapa to trekking point (Ky Quan San - about 60 kilometres from Sapa)
    Porters (A porter per 3 guests)
    Night campsite on the mountain (wooden cabins and blankets, thermal insulation mat)
    Private bathroom (Before and after climbing) – Storing luggage in Sapa
    Traditional herb bath of the Red Dao ethnic group in Sapa after trekking
    Gloves, raincoats, medical supplies, etc.
    Travel insurance
  • Not Included
    VAT (10%)
    Other expenses exclude the program
    Tip for tour guide or porter
Day 0 - Thursday

- Tonight you will take an overnight sleeper bus from Hanoi

Meeting point at My Dinh Bus Station, we will get on the reclining berth bus to Lai Chau.

At 22:15, the bus stops at Noi Bai intersection, about 2 kilometers away from Noi Bai International Airport.

Day 1 - Friday

- 04h30: You will get off the bus, enjoy mountainous atmosphere, and move to the restaurant to have breakfast and personal morning hygiene. After that, you will meet the ethnic Dao portes, take some photo shoots with your team. Then, the journey begins.

- 12h00: You will have lunch and take a short break to refuel for the afternoon.

- 17h30: You arrive at the campsite (about 2,500 metres above sea level) when the sun goes down. You will pack your luggage and have personal hygiene, rest after the adventure of the first day. At this time the porters have prepared for dinner, so you can take part in self-preparing dinner with the grill, fried, cooked dishes. Or you could have a walk around the campsite, watching the sunset when being above floating clouds. We, Asia Master Tours, believe that this could be one of the most impressive experiences that you will not forget.

- 18h30: You will have diner, make friends with other members of the group. Then, before going to sleep, you can enjoy the night sky of thousand stars in forest, with great feeling when mingling yourself in nature and staying away from the hustle and bustle of cities. In this journey, you will have a chance to experience staying wooden cabins or tents with well-prepared blankets and insulation mats.

Day 2 - Saturday

- 05h30: You get up early to have breakfast, enjoy some cups of coffee and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of deep forest and high mountain.

- 07h30: You begin trekking to the peak of Pu Ta Leng. It will take about 3 hours from the campsite to the summit. In this period, you will leave your belongings at the campsite to go to the peak. Each member will take a bottle of water and some snacks on the way.

- 10h30: When reaching the Pu Ta Leng peak, you will enjoy sightseeing, shooting, cheering, and having lunch with the group there. After the lunch, you will have a few minutes to take a break and move back to the campsite through the old road.

- 13h00: Arriving at the campsite, you collect your belongings to the next camp site toward Ta Leng, in the forest of cardamom. When going there, you will pass through the primeval forest with many ancient trees and diverse floras.

- 16h00: You will arrive at the campsite in the cardamom forest, relax and have dinner, end a day of trekking with full of emotions.

Day 3 - Sunday

- The tour guide will wake you up in the morning to have breakfast among green cardamom forest. After some of coffee, you will pack your luggage to go back. It will take more than 6 hours trekking to the center of Ta Leng commune. You will have lunch there before being back to Sapa.

- 14h00: The bus will bring you back to Sapa and you could enjoy again the majestic scenery of the legendary O Quy Ho Pass, and the Fansipan Mountain Range above floating clouds

- 16h00: When arriving at Sapa, you will pick up your belongings and enjoy a traditional herb bath of the Red Dao ethnic group.

- 19h00: You will have a luxury dinner at the restaurant in Sapa, enjoy the hotpot of salmon, sturgeon with a lot of fresh herbs and vegetables, raise glasses of sweet apple wine to congratulate each other having successfully conquered the peak. After the meal, guests are free to visit Sapa and Stone Church, or have some of coffee.

- 22h00: You will take the overnight sleeper bus back to Hanoi. It will be Hanoi around 03:30AM or 4:00AM next morning.

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