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Weather in Hue Vietnam – When is the best time to visit the ancient city

Before visiting Hue, the information that visitors need to know carefully is the weather. Because the weather here is quite erratic. Hue is a famous tourist destination with gentle beauty and quiet space. It is surrounded with many attractions and long-standing historical sites, which attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. Asia Master Tours would like to share information about the weather in Hue Vietnam so that visitors can choose the right time to have the best trip to Hue!

Climate in Hue

There are two distinct seasons in Hue: the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season usually lasts from March to August with temperatures up to 35 – 40 degrees. The Hue Vietnam weather is very hot.

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In contrast, from August to January, the temperature drops low from 18 – 20 degrees. Sometimes the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, of which from October onwards is the flood and storm season.
Spring in Hue lasts from the end of January to the end of February. The weather is very beautiful, the sun shines through the trees, the air is cool, sometimes chilly.
Besides, from September to November in Hue is the autumn – the most beautiful season by the petals of purple lagerstroemia and yellow poinciana scattered on every poetic road. So travelers should consider the time when coming to Hue and choose the best weather in Hue Vietnam to travel which is suitable for your trip.

The right time to travel Hue

January to March – Spring in Hue

spring in hue vietnam

One thing that is quite special, which we rarely see elsewhere, is that Hue also has its own spring. The spring in Hue lasts from January to the end of February, which is the transition time between the seasons. Therefore, people realized that a new coat was put on, full of vitality but still waving the shyness and care. When this season comes to Hue, you will see the image of a lush green city, wafting about the New Year. Hue becomes even more beautiful and new.

April (Hue Festival every year)

hue festival

Hue is the most beautiful place to choose Hue Festival (cultural festival tourism arts national scale and international first in Vietnam). Coming to Hue on this occasion, tourists can both see the dreaming of Hue and discover the specific cultural features that can not be felt through books and pictures. Festival is the time when Hue becomes bustling with many special arts and entertainment activities of domestic and foreign art troupes. Moreover, Hue is charmed by the vibrant colors. The city is splendidly decorated like royal palaces. For tourists who have never been to Hue or want to learn about the culture and characteristics of Hue, the Hue Festival is the most appropriate time. Hue Vietnam weather at this time is not too hot.

May to July – Season of sea travel

season of sea travel

According to the understanding of Asia Master Tours, the Hue tourism festival usually falls from May to July. The hot summer atmosphere will make you become frustrated and tired. So let’s come to Hue to spread out on the pure white sand and mingle with the white wave of Thuan An beach, the cool blue water of the legendary Lang Co beach. Moreover, you can discover Tam Giang lagoon, Lap An lagoon or Truoi lagoon. The period from February to July is an ideal time to experience the life of fishermen on the lagoon. You can join with fishermen to catch seafood, reward wake up local food and immerse yourself in the beautiful sunset of the lagoon.

August – Autumn in Hue

Hue has vast autumn days that are sweet, mellow, but also pristine, like the white dress of a schoolgirl on the first day of school.

autumn in hue

Do not think that Hue does not have fall. It just passes so quickly. But that people have not even noticed, autumn is over. Hue autumn falls around August, the beginning of the rainy season. But the rain is not much and the sky is still very good, just at noon, the sun is still hot. Besides, the night comes to hear in the quiet space, a little cool of the air. When autumn comes to Hue, you not only to admire the scenery through the rain but also listen to the passing time very slowly. We chose the fall of Hue to find the tranquility from the heart, to be in the ancient space and tinged at that time. How poetic it is to sit quietly, enjoy court music, listen to poetry, drinking tea or meditating, very strange.

Do you want to see Hue City with Asia Master Tours on the occasion of this weather in Hue Vietnam? If you want, please contact us immediately!

autumn in hue

September to December – Winter in the ancient capital

For tourists who love the cold and rains of Hue, from September to December is the right time to enjoy the “winter in the ancient capital”. Coming to Hue this season, visitors will experience the moment of visiting Hue in the rain. Moreover, you will passionate about baked goods on the sidewalk such as sweet potato, grilled corn with grilled onion, charcoal grill, dried squid, … while sitting in the cold rain of Hue. Hue rain has become a special feature of the ancient capital. It reminds people of nostalgic memories and helps people to love and cherish more ancient memories.

winter in hue

If you want to explore the temples, tombs and other famous tourist attractions in Hue, you can come to any season. Because of the architectural beauty, the ancient of the temples always exist in every season. Each season has its own beauty.
Coming to Hue, do not miss the opportunity to explore Imperial City in Hue, tomb of Tu Duc, tomb of Minh Mang. They bring the architectural beauty of East-West interference. In addition, you can immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Dong Ba market Hue

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If you do not know where to go, please contact us to get supports. But in any season, Hue Vietnam weather is quite erratic. Even when it’s sunny, visitors can still catch the sudden rain of Hue. People often say that it is lucky to see the heavy rain in Hue. So visitors should prepare umbrellas in traveling itinerary to explore this magical land.
Hopefully, the above information about weather in Hue Vietnam will help tourists get a perfect trip to Hue.

So what do you expect more for a great trip? Please contact us – Asia Master Tours for guidance, advice and get the most preferential price when you, your family and friends are going to enjoy Hue city.

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